Referral Program

At Rithm, our goal is to change the world of sales through tools that puts everyone in the winner’s circle. Our referral program helps you share the love with everyone and help them be successful too!

Sharing referral links

Rithm users can share the love through referral links, and you’ll both be rewarded in the process! Don’t have one yet or forgot your referral links? Current users can look under “Awards” on their Rithm settings or send a quick note to Just tell us you’d love to share the love!

Found this page by clicking a referral link?

Sometimes award programs or referral links associated with them expire. This page tracks present and past referral programs. If you don’t see the latest deals here, please reach out to us at and we can help!

Our current referral program

Referees get a free month: For new customers, we give you a credit that makes the first month free immediately when the Rithm Professional edition subscription starts. You can cancel at any time. Satisfaction is guaranteed. Referees can make their own referrals to also get additional months free!

Referrers get a free month: For customers making a referral, we give a credit for a free month of Rithm Professional edition after their new referral customer has used Rithm for a month and made their first subscription payment. There is no limit on the number of referral awards you can earn!